Claire Bircham BSc(Hons) MSc
Claire Bircham BSc(Hons) MSc

Scentwork UK Classes

Scent work classes; teaching your dog to seek out a particular scent.

These sessions are based on detection- style nose work, practicesd by customs and excise dogs, bomb explosive dogs, search and rescue dogs and medical detection dogs. Dogs have an amazing sence of smell and love to use this skill. These sessions will help build upon your relationship with your dog, along with inceasing your dog's confidence and focus with a mentally stimulating activity, which will tire them out.

Suitable for all ages, breeds and temperaments. 


These classes can be completed for fun or with an aim to comepete in Scentwork UK level 1 trials. 


No previous experience necessary


£10 a session.


Scentwork Level 1: Beginners. TUESDAY AFTERNOONS; 1.30-2.30pm



Not sure if you are ready for a trial? Have a go at Perfect Pooch Devon's Pre-Trial and see how you get on!


These are intended to give you the confidence of going on to Scentwork UK trials, without the pressure of competition. Results and points will not be documented and will therefore not go towards 'Excellent' titles or 'Dog of the Year' awards.


January 28th 10.15am at Whiddon Down village Hall.


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