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Sheep Worrying Workshops


Featured on BBC radio Devon


Sheep worrying is a serious problem. Even if your dog does not catch a sheep, which could cause injury or death, sheep become frightened when chased by dogs. This stress can lead to pregnant ewes aborting their lambs. This is a 5 hour training course, spanning 5 weeks, costing £65, giving you all the tools and knowledge you will need to train your dog to ignore sheep. As with all of Perfect Pooch Devon's training, this is carried out using positive training methods. No aversive methods are used. 



Tuesdays 26th April, 1-2pm(FULL)

Saturdays 21st May 10.45-11.45 (skipping the jubilee weekend)

Sheep worrying BBC radio Devon feature
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''Totally amazed, after the sheep training. It worked, yippee! He’s been in fields with sheep off the lead and has totally ignored them.''


Recall Training


It is important to be able to rely on your dog's recall when allowing them off the lead. This can be especially difficult in the presence of distractions. I hold dedicated recall training sessions. This comprises of 2, one hour sessions, costing £25.


NEXT SESSIONS- 2nd & 9th April 2-3pm

Puppy Training Classes


Puppy training classes are held at Bestone Village hall.  There is a maximum of 6 dogs on each course, to keep the classes focused and calm as well as maintaining social distancing. The course costs £55. Hand washing is available as well as hand gel and safe wipes for your dog.

Dogs should be between the ages of 9 and 22 weeks at the start of the course.


We cover basic training, socialisation, habituation (getting used to new things) and some general puppy development.





Wednesday 15th June 7-8pm Belstone Village Hall 




                         Perfect Pooch Devon's puppy training classes are sponsored by Burns Pet Nutrition.

Obedience and Life-Skills Classes


These classes are a great follow up to puppy training classes but also a great way to perfect the basics and work on any particular training issues you may have. The aim is to ensure your dog responds reliably to any cues you give.


Obedience training can also prevent some behavioural problems from developing.   


Perfect Pooch Devon's obedience and Life-Skills Classes are held outdoors, in small groups, as well as getting more time with each individual this also prevents the dogs from becoming overwhelmed or too easily distracted.  Costing £8 a session.


SATURDAY MORNINGS; 9.15-10.15am and


in Okehampton


Loose Lead Walking

These are small group classes, held in a secure outdoor training ground. This course give details and practical experience of how to go about training your dog to want to be with you and walk nicely on a lead. Improving the enjoyment of walks for both you and your dog.  This is a 2 week course costing £25 and includes an information pack.


Next Classes: 



to purchase the information pack ONLY either hard copy or pdf please use the contact form.


Confidence Building in Nervous Dogs


These are small group classes. Held outdoors so as to give the dog plenty of space and time to work at their own pace. This course gives you the skills to increase your dog's confidence in any given situation and therefore improve their general wellbeing. 

Reactive Dog Classes

Dogs can be reactive for a number of reasons but it makes day to day exercise difficult and stressful. This 5 week course costs £50 and is designed to show you how to manage and improve your dog's reactive behaviour towards other dogs. This class is held outdoors.




Social Walk

Social walks are generally an hour long walk for past, present and future Perfect Pooch Devon clients and dogs to enjoy a walk together and gain useful training advice along the way. 




Dog Socialisation Walks


These socialisation walks are for enthusiastic greeters and dogs with mild dog- dog aggression. We walk together and cover some general training on how to improve and manage your dog's social skills. These walks are ideal for those which have completed the reactive dog class and would like to maintain and practice these skills.



Impulse Control Class

Dogs are not born with impulse control. It is something they need to be taught and practiced in various environments and situations. The more your dog is able to control their various impulses the more you will see this shaping their behaviour and responses in their day to day lives.

This session will give you the knowledge and skills to teach your dog impulse control in a fun, force free way.




Scentwork UK Classes

Scentwork classes; teaching your dog to seek out a particular scent.

These sessions are based on detection- style nose work, practiced by customs and excise dogs, bomb explosive dogs, search and rescue dogs and medical detection dogs. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and love to use this skill. These sessions will help build upon your relationship with your dog, along with increasing your dog's confidence and focus with a mentally stimulating activity, which will tire them out.

Suitable for all ages, breeds and temperaments. 


These classes can be completed for fun or with an aim to compete in Scentwork UK level 1 trials. 


No previous experience necessary




Beginners course- Introduction to scentwork

3 week course starting 11th May 1-2pm, costing £35.

Beginners Trick Training for Children

Something to get the children involved in training. A fun beginners class to introduce you to trick training. Trick training is not only fun but also gives the dog a mental challenge and sense of acomplishment, as well as building upon your relationship together. 

This class is aimed at Children but adults without children are also welcome!

All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 



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